Monday, August 17, 2009

girls camp

(little planters I put together for the girls...the burlap sacks are full of soil)

off early this morning to girls camp for three days. mixed emotions. I am relived that the end is only days away and at the same time I am sad thinking the end is only days away. being at camp, surrounded by pines and talking about how awesome it is to be women, is just the best.

I am pre-blogging so there will be posts for the next two days I am away. I will not be reachable till wednesday night, so if there are photo emergencies leave emails and voicemails and I will get back to you by thursday.


Whitney said...

Lucky duck girlies getting you for their Camp Chieftain. Those planters are KILLER! Enjoy the fresh air. We love you Rach.

noelle said...

what a pretty presentation! cute idea.

audrey said...

what an adorable gift for the girls!!!!! and i LOVE burlap sacks!!