Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some reasons why we really like Portland:

-aerial tram
-old architecture
-new architecture
-sustainable fish and amazing organic foods
-haylie and ross are super cool and easy to photograph
-and the rental cars are not off site at the airport! major bonus.

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Grapefruit said...

I LOVE Portland! My dad lives there and we are sometimes lucky enough to go visit in the summers. Don't you loves trees? And the roses? Lots of great restaurants too. And if you go in the summer, concerts at the zoo are a must. Especially Pink Martini, one of our favorite bands from Portland.

You did a great job on the wedding pics from Portland. I loved the Paris theme. If I could go back and change my boring old wedding nine years ago... Let's see, I think our theme was "come stand in a boring line and wait to shake our hands before getting a turkey wrap and running out of there as quickly as you can."