Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Friends

I read and reread your comforting words today and seriously I teared up more than once.

Most of us don't even know each other and yet this mess of a cyber worlds allows us to communicate and comfort and that's one thing that doesn't stink about blogging.

Things you all inspired me to do today:

-Get off the couch
-Put "not bathrobe" clothes on
-Make lentil soup
-Watched TV mid afternoon and allowed myself to think about negative stuff a little more
- Since I'm trying not to eat sugar this week (no wonder I am in a bad mood), I rewarded myself with bisquick dough...eaten right out of the bowl
-Walked to the park, sat under my favorite tree and said a prayer
-Put red lipstick on
-Wrote a letter to my sister and mailed it

Then Jon sent me a link to this Zack Arias video,

Now I am starting to feel more like myself.

Today wasn't even about photography per say....But I guess to some extent it was about everything so photography is thrown in there. I loved how at the beginning of the video Zack mentions staying up at night trying to think of ways to reinvent his work, his offer, himself. I can totally relate. I even though I know others feel the same way, It's nice to be reminded on days like this.

Thanks Jon for that link, It really helped me feel a little more understood and thanks to all my other beautiful cyber friends. You helped me feel supported and NORMAL.

I just love you all so much. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


J & M said...

Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling the best. But how awesome is it to know that so many people love you! :) You are a sweet and amazing person, and time will be over before you know it :)

Lots of Love-

Jonathan Canlas said...

here's one more. i watch it almost daily.

audrey said...

rachel, you want to know something crazy? i clicked onto your blog today to catch up on yesterday's post AND today's, and my heart simply FELL!!! i felt like i let my friend down and wasn't there for her. isn't that the most marvelous thing--i mean, we haven't even met.

but somehow i feel like i wasn't there to hug you and tell you how beautiful you are like a real friend would. i'm so sorry : (

your ability to express yourself through artwork and humanity has been so meaningful to a person like me who has never met you. so many times you have shared an image or worded your mind in such a way that i felt inspired, or understood, or humbled, or utterly happy. i wish i could do that for you. instead, all i have is this tiny box in which to comment.

if i could come up to your little blue house and knock softly on the door, i'd curl up next to you in bed, and we'd just lay there, staring at the ceiling, letting ourselves ramble and cry and laugh. and then we'd decide we'd need some fresh air. but we'd stay in our cozies and not care what other people thought of our attire and bedhead as we went out into public. then we'd find a smoothie. wait, no we wouldn't--bc we're not having sugar. okay, then we'd find something that felt good going down. maybe even just a mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon at a cafe in a patch of november sunshine.

then we'd decide to do something nice for someone. so we'd go to the dollar store and pick out something fabulous for mr. porter and for mr. miller. and then for someone else : )

and then... and then... etc. etc...

and we'd end the day with something hilarious. i don't know what, but if i think of it, i'll tell you. and i'm talking something pee-in-your-pants-ish ; )

love you, girl.

Emily Hatch said...

Loved the video. Something I needed to hear too.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I love you tons Rach, and hope you realize how truly amazing you are. :)

noelle said...

i came here to comment, but my sister already said it all for me. so there you go. her words are mine. xoxo.

Julie V. said...

I don't think Thurston ever sucked.
I love your work. It inspires me.

Rachael said...

Hey Rachel,
I'm sorry you were having a rough day :0/ Just know I look up to you so much. I'm always telling people about your work. In fact, I just started a photo technique class and we had to bring in photos by our favorite photographer. I brought in the one you took in Peru or Honduras- the one of the old man with the beautiful wrinkles at the table. People in my class liked it too and a couple asked who you were and wrote down your name so they could find your blog. I always tell people you have my dream life and I hope one day to be like you- have my own style, take beautiful pictures, continue to learn how to cook wonderful meals, help others, and inspiring everyone. I don't know what exactly I can do for you-but if you ever think of anything I can do for you, please let me know!

rachel thurston said...

Friends, I am speechless.

marisa- thank you. xo.
jon- your support is amazing
audrey- email me, I have things to say.
em- I love you and wish you were going to disney w us tonight
noelle- I will share surfboarding grant with you.
julie- your support of my work and
kind words mean so much
rachael- YOU are amazing. YOU have an amazing life. I am so flattered and appreciative of you.

All of you really helped to turn my week around. I love my blog family.

julia said...

ronin loves you. and one day when he talks, he'll tell it right to your face.