Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Not in the mood to blog today. Too many other things on my mind. Things too personal to even blog about on my personal blog. I'm trying to think of what time in my life I would rather be experiencing right now...But today all I can remember are the hard spots. I feel selfish even typing that. I know my life hasn't been all hard, but sometimes it feels that way.

Oh, November. Why do you always do this to me?

Anyone have some good quick solutions for digging one's self out of a hole?

(I could name a handful, but while in the hole, none sound that satisfying.)


Grapefruit said...

Thank you for clarifying your grandma's story for me. I had forgotten it was their honeymoon and that he'd set up the tripod himself. But now I remember!

I just thought that was the most romantic thing ever, you giving her that picture. I'm sure she loves it so much. I wish I could have known your grandpa longer than I did, but he just seemed like such a great husband.

Sorry you're having a rough day. Maybe some fresh chocolate chip cookies might help???

Tracee Breeze said...

Go hug Grant and don't let go.

It's all that matters.


And then you can cry and eat chocolate. all you want:)
after you hug grant

rachel thurston said...

love you guys.

Lisa said...

Bake something good, and then go deliver it to someone else. Bringing a smile to someone else's day is bound to help cheer up your own.

Things will get better.

Ash said...

I'm having some rough times lately, too. I think, sometimes, you just have to let yourself feel bad, and know that it will eventually get better. Feel better, Rachel. I know I don't really know you at all, but I think you seem really nice and you deserve good things.

Tiffany said...

sometimes i just allow my self to just sit in the hole and eventually i will feel better. other times i watch "it's always sunny in philadelphia"

Allison said...

Eat some cake.
Write a letter to someone you love.
Visit somebody.
Write a talk for Sacrament meeting (or pretend to. You'll need it someday).
Go on a run.
Lay outside on the grass.

Hi! My name is Janet. said...

I don't know what your personal beliefs are, but when I'm feeling pooey, I like to go outside and pray. Something about being outside and praying and having the wind caressing my skin, probably making me cold, that clears my head. Then, I'd go inside and make myself a hot cup of something yummy, and sit down at my computer and procrastinate or take a nap. That's just what I would do :)

Dash Of Sass said...

hey suga lips! You can always call Nick! He can always put a smile on that face!!! even just for a good laugh! love you and hope you feel better soon!!! Little Indie will be arriving shortly and will want to see her aunt Rachel! We love you so much!! XOXOXOXO

Lindsey Briggs said...

A Costco-size jar of nutella and a spoon. :)

Jonathan Canlas said...

Anonymous said...

There aren't many people who are as wonderful as you Rachel. I love your strength, faith, loving heart and talent to capture beauty.

Baking something wearing an apron and listening to good tunes helps me. Then I give the goodies to someone else. (I wish you lived next door or that we both lived next door to Grapefruit and her goodies)


rachel thurston said...

If you haven't already heard, I really love my blog family. Thanks again and again for all of your concern and love.

Yes, Beth, living next to Grapefruit would be a dream...or just living next door to each other. xo.

Cathleen said...

Just now catching up on your blog and sorry to read you were feeling down, but glad to read you are perking up again.

I was feeling down last week too and I found that just letting it out with a good long cry, getting lots of hugs, and then watching The Office (because I love it and it makes me laugh) made the ickiness fade away each subsequent day.

I don't know you but my very short interaction with you was enough to know that you are a phenomenal person. I know it's impossible to wish you only happy days ahead so I just hope that any future icky days are short-lived.