Tuesday, November 3, 2009

kate + jacob

I would just like to take the time and apologize to the world for having the most beautiful sisters. I am truly sorry, they really are the most beautiful creatures.

Kate's hair just "goes" like that. I know! and that smile of hers...totally genuine. Her eyes are like blue aqua marine pools of light (or something like that, but dad's the best at describing her eyes).

And now just to get a little more big sister on you...I remember the day she was born. I remember holding her in her first few hours on earth. I remember feeling like I had won to lottery because she was a GIRL! I remember what it felt like to finally have my own sister.

Now she's getting married. Imagine that. And I really think she found an amazing match. Jacob is super rad. He loves her. I can tell. Everyone can tell. And she loves him back.

So congratulations you little love birds. I loved taking these photos and preserving your twitterpation for all to see and appreciate.

Love you both more than guava juice, ilford 3200 iso film, treehouses and sunshine.

(leave a comment if you agree she is a most beautiful specimen)

ps. Took these the day before autumn turned to winter in Utah. Lucky! Next day was a huge snow storm. Can anyone guess the location?


noelle said...

si, si! estoy de acuerdo. your sister is so beautiful. all of you. not an ugly one in the bunch. that is some fantastic gene-age.

Julia Kay said...

i agree. she is beautiful. and the best part? she's truly beautiful on the inside and out.
Congrats Kate and Jacob!

Nate Mecham said...

Superlative! You managed to caputure what it is like to hang out with these two. Laughs and sunshine.

audrey said...

she's so naturally gorgeous. and like you said--that HAIR!! and those eyes!! so jealous. and they both have fabulous, real smiles.

an adorable couple--you are such an artist, rachel. i can practically HEAR they're twitterpation through the images on my screen ; ) such lovebirds. and such photography!

Kris Doman said...

LOCATION! I'm guessing a school in Sandy? Love it, where ever it is. That ivy wall is fab. Kate is fab. You are fab. I want to get married again just so you can do my eng/bridal portraits. Maybe I could fake a wedding?

My Name is Mike said...

Valley High School and the field across the street from Costco. Boom I'm good. I'm on to you......

I saw this last time I was home. "Great minds think alike." - Psalms 42:10

Grapefruit said...

She IS beautiful!

Is that the science building at the U? Right next to the law school on the corner? (Can't remember if it's called the "physics" building or what...)

Anonymous said...

A true labor of love. How fun that you, her sister, are the one who gets to capture their emotion... AND you're so good at it!

Lovely. Truly lovely. So glad I got to meet the man... So happy for Kate - and Jacob, too I guess (since I don't really know him - but I'll be happy for him anyway :)

Orrin and Shari Baker said...

Each of those images are so beautiful. Not just because of the photographer but the people in them. Nice work!

rachel thurston said...

Mike! You guessed right! Amazing!...well not really, you probably went to that school. Double boom. Next time I see you I'll give you a prize.

Let me just tell everyone how great it is shooting with a costco sign in my line of sight. Just comforting, ya know?

Thanks for the Kate and Jacob love.

Lindsay said...

Damn. Mike beat me to it. I knew it was Valley. I shot there a few months ago when the portables were still there.
Great job as always!

michaela sue said...

Ahhhh! I am So excited for them to get married.

Indeed, my Brother is the luckiest guy, Kate's amazing, we all love her ! (:

& btw, you are one AMAZING photographer.
you make me jealous, truly (:

-jake's little sis (:

Lexy said...

Oh man. Kathryn was my roommate. Jacob was one with whom I went on a date. They do love each other. You really can tell. And I love them for it! Well done Rachel, well done. I think Nate said it best, you captured what it's like to hang out with them. Laughter.

Bella said...

The Thurstons are all naturally the most beautiful people alive, in the history of ever, and I love them all <3